Yarn Caddie - Goncalo Alves - 180035

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Goncalo Alves (Tiger wood) Found in Mexico and Southward to Brazil.  Heart wood is typically a medium reddish brown with irregularly spaced streaks of dark to black.  The color tends to darken with age.  Grain can be straight but is usually wavy or interlocked.  Most of the time there is a fine uniform texture with good luster.


The spindle unscrews for storage and or travel in your project bags.  An outside or center pull ball can be used with this caddie.  The base is on a lazy susan bearing and turns as you need it.  The bottom of the base has silicone bumpers to prevent movement and scuffing of your furniture.  The size of the base is approximately 5 inches.

Yarn, needles, etc., shown is some photos are not included with the caddie.