Swift - Ambrosia Maple - round SW18003

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This swift has great characteristics created by the ambrosia beetle.  The cross arms are 26 inches and will accept a hank up to approximately 70 inches.  The pegs are adjustable from hole to hole to accommodate your hank.  Each swift is individually made by me in my shop.  Each one can be taken apart for travel or storage.  The base has silicone bumpers that help prevent movement and scuffing of your furniture.

Ambrosia Maple is technically not a specific species of maple, but is a general description of any type of maple that was infected by ambrosia beetles.  The beetles bore into the tree, and brings a fungus that discolors the wood.  Ambrosia maple is considered a decorative feature giving the wood additional character.  As you may see, some of the pieces will have holes caused by the beetles, but the beetle is long gone.