General Information

Handmade items vary in texture, shape, color and finish.  They also may have slight imperfections which set them apart from mass produced factory-made products.  All our items are made by the two of us with great care and pride with the knowledge that each item can be used for years to come.

All our items are photographed up close and personnel, so that you can see details.  Some item sizes and textures may appear different, so please check descriptions to avoid any confusion.  Even though we work hard to photograph them as close as possible to the real color, texture, grain, etc., keep in mind that lighting, props and background may cause a difference in the color, texture, grain of an item.  Color will also very from monitor to monitor.

Please understand that wood breathes and moves according to climate and weather.  I take necessary steps to account for this prior to making my wooden products.  I do my best to emphasize natural features in the woods, such as Ambrosia Maple.  The discoloration you see is caused by the ambrosia beetle.  Often there will be worm holes as well in the wood.  Don't worry, the worms are long gone from the wood.  I do my best to emphasize the discoloration of my finished products.  All my wooden items have been sanded, waxed and buffed to a smooth finish.

Some species of wood change color or texture when exposed to sunlight.  Your swift, nostepende, or caddie should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time.  Some woods that I use, such as "bloodwood", "cocobolo" and "padauk" will get darker with age and use.  The oils from your skin will also darken the color of the wood.  In my experience with handling my personal wooden items, I have found that this enhances the look of the wood.   

If you have any questions about any of our products we may be reached at

Nancy and I thank you for visiting and shopping our site.